Masters of the Universe: Battleground - Wave 2: Legends of Preternia - DE

The combined powers of the Cosmic Key and the Central Tower allow our heroes to travel back in time to Preternia! During their travels, they will experience a new battleground - The Desolation - multiple terrain pieces, such as swamps and lava pits, and a brand-new challenge - The Hunt. A mighty Tyrantisaurus is lurking in the jungles of this prehistoric world; our brave heroes and not so brave villains sooner or later will have to face this monstrocity. Who will be victorious? There is only one way to find out! EXPANSION PACK INCLUDES: • 1x Game board • 1x Rulebook • 1x Manual • 1x Tyrantisaurus mini • 1x Hexagonal base • 24x Terrain accessories • 14x Cards • 1x Token All products come unpainted and unassembled!
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