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Russia in 1762: Tsar Peter III was forced to abdicate after a coup d'état and Catherine the Great was proclaimed the new Tsarina. The game Catherine - The Tsarina's Cities takes us back to this time. The players take on the role of advisors and try to win Catherine's favour in order to become her most important advisor at the end of the game. There are many ways to achieve this goal: Some players focus on expanding the empire. One can engage in the flourishing trade of goods or decide to promote the arts. In the end, then, Catherine will decide whom she will bestow her favours on. Catherine is characterised by an innovative card mechanism. For each action, the player must decide whether to use the action of the card itself or to use it to activate other actions. Extensive and beautifully illustrated game material, including 110 cards and 56 wooden figures, round off the game experience.
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